1.1 Calls for Service

Calls for service are a fundamental component of the policing service provided by the Victoria Police Department. As such, they are one of many indicators that reflect the work load of the department. However, individual calls for service can vary greatly in terms of complexity and the time required to effectively manage them. A call for service is a request that generates any action on the part of VicPD or partner agency performing work on behalf of the police department (such as E-Comm 911). A call for service is not generated for proactive activities unless the officer generates a specific call for service report. The chart shows the total number of calls received each year.


Source: VicPD

Please note: In 2019, police call-taking and dispatch services were transferred to E-Comm 911. A number of changes in how calls for service are received, classified, and tracked occurred at this time. Additionally, in mid-2019, Abandoned 911 calls were no longer classified as a call for service unless an officer was dispatched. As a result of these changes, a direct comparison of trends regarding calls for service beginning in 2019 compared with previous years is not possible.