1.5 Block Watch

VicPD Block Watch is an important neighbourhood-based crime prevention program that has a long history in both Victoria and Esquimalt. This chart shows the number of active groups within the VicPD Block Watch program in both Victoria and Esquimalt. It also shows a map of VicPD Block Watches. Click here to learn more about VicPD Block Watch program. If you are interested in joining an existing Block Watch, or starting a new one on your street, contact our Community Programs Coordinator.

To interact with the below chart, you can filter by municipality on the right side by clicking once on the desired municipality. You can also click directly onto the chart and confirm the selection by clicking the green checkbox. To interact with the map, click once on the map. You can select specific Block Watch groups by using the lasso button to draw directly on the map, or select the circle icon to do a range of a desired area.