Destruction of Fingerprints / Photographs

How do I get my identification documents destroyed?

If you were arrested, fingerprinted, and charged with an offence by Victoria Police Department which resulted in a non-conviction finding in court, you can request the identification documents relating to your criminal record history be destroyed.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have been convicted of an offence anywhere in Canada, you will be required to apply for a record suspension (pardon).  You may obtain a Record Suspension Application Guide by calling the National Parole Board at 1-800-874-2652 or by visiting their website.

There are waiting periods that must expire before the destruction request process can begin:

Stay of Proceedings – one year
No Charge Laid – one year
Withdrawn – one year
Dismissed – one year
Acquitted – one year
Not Guilty – one year

Are all requests for destruction of identification documents automatically granted?

Each request is looked at on a case-by-case basis and destruction requests may be denied in some cases.  There is no legislation in place that requires a police agency to destroy lawfully obtained identification documents.

If my destruction request is granted will this process remove all information pertaining to my incident(s)?

This process will include:

  • all identification documents gathered upon arrest, such as your fingerprints and photograph
  • the criminal record history pertaining to Victoria PD charges ONLY contained in the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database held at the RCMP central repository in Ottawa.

This process WILL NOT include the removal of:

  • the investigative file(s) compiled as a result of the police incident(s). These will remain in our local records management system, subject to retention schedules.
  • The results of Court proceedings. These will remain in the Court’s database.

Will this process include destruction of identification documents held in other cities?

If you have non-conviction findings in other jurisdictions, you will be required to make application to each police agency for destruction of identification documents.  Each police agency can advise you of their process for destruction requests.

How do I make application for destruction of my identification documents?

Complete the Application for Destruction of Fingerprints and Photograph form and attach legible photocopies of two pieces of identification. One piece of ID must be government-issued photo identification.

Mail or drop off the completed form and ID to:
Victoria Police Department
850 Caledonia Avenue
Victoria BC V8T 5J8


Fax to 250-383-1581
ATTENTION:  Criminal Records Office

A letter confirming receipt of your request will be sent to you at the earliest opportunity advising you that the procedure to review your destruction request has been initiated.

The Victoria Police Department will provide you a letter of confirmation once the RCMP Central Repository in Ottawa has been updated and your destruction request has been finalized which may take up to 18 months to complete.

If further information is required, please contact the Criminal Records Office at 250-995-7314.

Submit an Electronic Destruction of Fingerprint & Photograph Application
Download a Manual Destruction of Fingerprint & Photograph Application Form