Date: Friday, December 11, 2020

Victoria, BC – The contributions of our VicPD Volunteers and Reserve Constables are vital to our organizational success. Without them, key crime prevention programs like Lock Out Auto Crime, Crime Watch, Speed Watch, and the VicPD Bike Registry would not be as successful as they are. The hours they give to these key crime prevention programs are part of our fifteen measures on our Community Dashboard, which, along with our online quarterly reports, publications, and other information are part of Open VicPD, and are how we are telling the story of working towards our strategic vision of “A Safer Community Together.” This is the fifth and final measure that we are utilizing under our goals to Enhance Public Trust.


Volunteer/Reserve Constable Hours – Community Dashboard

This chart shows the number of volunteers hours dedicated to the department and the community in the calendar year from VicPD Volunteers and Reserve Constables. For more information on becoming a volunteer, visit the VicPD Volunteers page, or for information on joining the Reserve program, visit the VicPD Reserves page.

To interact with the charts, you can filter by year on the right side by clicking once on the desired year, or between the Reserves or Volunteers categories. You can also click directly onto the chart and confirm the selection by clicking the green checkbox.

As with the other charts, to interact with the chart, you can filter by year on the right side by clicking once on the desired year.

This chart will be updated with 2020 information once the year is completed.

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Up Next

Next week, we take a move to our third goal, Achieve Organizational Excellence, and the first category of that goal; caseload per VicPD Officer.

Each week we’re looking at one of our Open VicPD Community Dashboard measures in detail to help you understand what we’re measuring, why we’re measuring it and how we think it helps you track our progress towards achieving our goals.

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