Date: Friday, February 12, 2021

Victoria, BC – In response to information being shared locally online, VicPD is confirming that we have not received any police reports of the so-called “red van kidnapping attempts.” At this time, all indications are that this circulating information is a hoax.

We have received several inquiries about these reports which are circulating in local groups on social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram and NextDoor. The online reports we are hearing about are similar to reports which are circulating in other B.C. communities and have prompted other responses by police agencies.

“Our primary goal is public safety,” VicPD spokesperson Bowen Osoko said. “Do know that if we were aware of ongoing attempts to target and kidnap women by a vehicle prowling the streets, we would be loudly sharing that information far and wide to warn our community.”

This debunking is not intended to dissuade people from calling police. To report a crime in progress, or if you are unsafe, please call 911.

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