Date: Friday, May 5, 2023 

Victoria, BC –  VicPD swore in five new recruit officers yesterday as we continue to hire the best and brightest into our ranks.  

Chief Manak welcomed our newest recruits to the VicPD family in a ceremony attended by their family and friends as well as VicPD officers and staff. Two of the newest recruits have already served here at VicPD, one as a Special Municipal Constable (SMC), Jailer and volunteer Reserve Constable, and the other as a volunteer Reserve Constable, both with several years’ experience.  

The recruits sworn in today represent a wide range of experience and expertise and include a lawyer, a paramedic, a corrections officer, an Island Health Protection Services member, and a VicPD SMC. All our newest recruits are looking forward to serving the communities of Victoria and Esquimalt. Their next step is heading to the Justice Institute of BC (JIBC) for their first block of recruit training.  

So far this year, VicPD has hired 14 police officers – ten new recruits and four experienced officers – as well as four special municipal constables. All these hires have been made to address existing vacancies and do not represent an increase in our authorized strength.  

Incentive Program Continues 

We continue to operate our incentive program to attract experienced officers with a $20,000 signing bonus. For more about why experienced officers are choosing VicPD please visit: 

Reserve Constable Program Provides Valuable Experience 

Three of the five recruit officers sworn in today have extensive experience as volunteer Reserve Constables – two with VicPD and one with the Saanich Police Department. VicPD Reserve Constables are sworn volunteers who perform several duties including traffic control, engaging with the Victoria and Esquimalt communities at events, as well as giving safety presentations, helping spot impaired drivers during Counter Attack roadblocks, accompanying police officers as part of the Late Night Task Force and assisting Patrol shifts. To learn more about how to gain valuable, first-hand experience as a VicPD Reserve Constable please visit:  

We continue to seek qualified candidates for both police officer and civilian positions. Thinking about a career in public service? VicPD is an equal-opportunity employer. Join VicPD and help us make Victoria and Esquimalt a safer community together. For more information, please visit